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Upper Peninsula Elopement on a Driftwood Beach

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Patrick + Brittanie had a gorgeous sunset elopement on a private driftwood beach along the shores of Upper Michigan. This beach was actually behind Patrick's childhood home so there was as much sentiment as there was sand.

The elopement started off with a first look so Patrick could see his bride in her wedding attire for the first time. These two interacted so gracefully together, I hardly had to pose them for the photos. After the first look we headed to the driftwood beach in the backyard to say vows and exchange rings. The intimate ceremony ended with a kiss on the beach and signing of the marriage license with sand between our toes. The elopement day drifted into the night where Patrick and Brittanie shared glasses of champagne on the beach while the sun set. They were surrounded by a beautiful floral setup and the flickering of candles.

Still dreaming of this day... still cleaning the sand out from my photography bags... worth it! ;]

Design, Photo, Floral, Marriage License signing by New Land Weddings

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