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Eloping in Fayetteville, NC: Courthouse Wedding Package & Tips

Updated: Mar 17

Get married at the Cumberland County Courthouse in Fayetteville NC with New Land Weddings and their all in-one elopement package including a photographer, location assistance (for photos) and flowers such as a bouquet, and boutonniere! Find out more about our packages here and get our example packages brochure here. Congrats to this gorgeous fellow military couple.... Joshua + Gabriella !!!

An elopement in at the courthouse in downtown Fayetteville, NC!! Right outside of Fort Bragg! I was just tickled to find out that Gabi followed me as soon as she saw my work and then called me a few days after her engagement... aw!!

military couple Eloping in Fayetteville, NC at the Courthouse
Eloping in Fayetteville, NC: Courthouse Wedding

It's no secret that military bases often see a flurry of nuptials. Take Fort Bragg, named as Fort Liberty. While the name change may be official, old habits die hard, and I'll stick to calling it Fort Bragg. If you're wondering how have your wedding or elope in Fayetteville, NC, at the courthouse, it's refreshingly straightforward—no appointments needed. Just like a haircut, they're happy to accommodate walk-ins :D

We kicked off our adventure on the west side of Hayes Street in Haymont, Fayetteville NC, capturing intimate moments by the charming old buildings. Venturing into the heart of downtown Fayetteville, by the historic courthouse, we had to stop for more photos. In Fayetteville NC, the ceremony takes place at the Cumberland Detention Center, where the "I DOs" were officially exchanged. While I couldn't join them inside due to camera restrictions, it was a brief and smooth process. No worries, as we were swiftly back to the excitement, capturing more memories!

Fayetteville Courthouse marriage tips: Here are some important details to consider for your marriage ceremony at the Fayetteville Cumberland County Detention Center/Courthouse:

  • Before your scheduled Fayetteville courthouse elopement wedding, obtain a NC Marriage License. Head to the Cumberland County Register of Deeds site or click here.

  • Both partners must be present with valid identification

  • You will need $60 cash. Bring the exact amount of cash as they do not provide change.

  • 2 witnesses are required to sign the documents.

  • No cameras are allowed in the courtroom / building.

  • It's worth noting that there is a dress code in place, seemingly relaxed. But hey, you didn't hear that from me! :D

  • If you have any questions, please contact the Cumberland County Register of Deeds office at: (910)678-7795

I absolutely loved the opportunity to get incredibly creative with some of these shots! Typically, there isn't much time allocated for bride and groom photos on a wedding day. We ended the elopement day with photos ontop of a parking garage! If photography holds significant importance for your special day, I highly recommend carving out ample time in your schedule, perhaps even dedicating a day solely to bridal portraits... or you could simply opt for an elopement! If you are looking for a more scenic wedding or elopement in Fayetteville NC in contrast to the Cumberland Courthouse, check out this elopement at Lake MacArthur! This elopement spot is on Fort Bragg but outside of the base, about 40 minutes from downtown Fayetteville, closer to Southern Pines!

Vendors Involved: Dress from Park and Fifth Co. Modern wedding and bridesmaid dresses

Hair and makeup was done by Sunshine Beauty and Bliss which is conveniently located in downtown Fayetteville NC for your trendsetting elopement!! We have worked with Sunshine Beauty and Bliss multiple times and they knock it out of the park every time!

Ready to get married?!

Interested in hearing more about our design, photography, and floral packages? Email or call me today! I have been in the industry for 14 years therefore I here for you! I have a wealth of resources and referrals for you! I’m here to talk options and explore your micro wedding dreams! Call me at 920.213.7439 or email me:

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