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Frequently Asked Questions from our clients!

  • What type of events do you cover? Can you design my bridal shower?
    Absolutely! We specialize in Weddings however our services perfectly aling with intiamte events such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, engagement parties, gatherings, luxury picnics, holiday dinners
  • Exclusivety - Can someone else do my flowers or photos?
    We work exclusively with our team for design, photo, and floral. Therefore, No. We work as a package deal. If you bring your own flowers or hire an additional florist, these pieces will be reflective of my design company.
  • Do you have any payment plans and what do you require as a deposit?
    My client managagement system (where I email and receive payments from clients) is very flexible! Therefore I can do halves, thirds, or (subjet to date) monthly payments. First month's payment is the minimum deposit.
  • What is the difference between a wedding DESIGNER and PLANNER?
    We are wedding DESIGNERS. A wedding designer focuses on the overall aesthetics of the wedding. Designers are there from the beginning helping you through the general feel, vibe, theme, and look of the wedding. They focus on The color palette, floral, and decor plan. Most designers include venue scouting as this greatly relates to the aesthetics of the wedding. A wedding planner deals with the overall logistics of a wedding such as vendor referrals and bookings, day of coordination. We do not offer any planning services at this time so we can focus on our passion, designing!
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! Each event will be fully insured under our liability insurance through Hiscox. We insured each individual event and the venue where it is hosted!
  • Is any sort of PLANNING services involved in your packages?
    Again, we are not planners, we are designers. HOWEVER, location scouting, budget analysis(for location and design), and timeline creation are all services included in our packages, which some might consider planning services. Reasons why we include these "planning" services. Timeline: we are also the photographers, we need to map out the day to unsure a schedule that is not rushed, and we are able to fit all desired shots in the time alloted. Timeline creation also goes along with location scouting/venue rentals. We also need to give ourselves ample time for set-up and teardown. This is why we create the timeline! Location Scouting: Location scouting sets the stage for our designs! The venue or location is the foundation of the event, it's sets the vibe and all aestetics follow after! Budget Analysis for location and design: We need to know how much moola we are working with here!
  • Where are you located/What areas do you cover?
    The number one thing you need to know about me is that, I LOVE to travel. My love for travel coupled with our specalization in intimate weddings, means that we can service all over the US, even world! I am currently living in Green Bay Wisconsin but have contracts with floral and decor vendors in places such as Denver, Los Angelos, Phoenix, and the Upper Midwest!.. including but not limted to!! Outside of these cities, most couples hit our minimum, in order to eliminate the travel fee which would be factored into the final price. Check out the "Locations" page for more info!
  • What does the booking process look like?
    First you find us and fall in love! :] -inquiry -consultation -Brochure with packages -Client chooses package and add ons to further discus -Brochure packages official consult official proposal. -Sign, Book, Pay Official proposal Check out "The Booking Process" Page to get more info!
  • Who is your ideal client?
    My ideal client is someone who recognizes that if they come to me you will get something totally unique! However that unique is derived from YOU! I try to figure who YOU are authentically and make that resonate through your wedding design. I often have clients that come to me who need a bit of help putting their ideas together in one cohesive vision. They hand over an eclectic Pinterest board filled with anything that has caught their eye. I will go in, look for similarities, organize your vision into a cohesive mood board portfolio! At the end of the day, the color of your bow tie or the size of your guest list has no bearing on the success of your wedding, so I do whatever it takes to make your wedding authentically you!
  • Are you a wedding planner?
    No we are wedding designers. We focus on the aestetics of the wedding (color, decor plan, floral scheme) rather then the logistics (hiring a cateror). However there are some design services that overlap with planning such as creating the timeline or booking the venue, see below!
  • How many team members do you bring to an event!
    It depends on the event! I always bring at minimum, one team member to every wedding. I bring more team members when there is more guest to manage, more floral and decoration setups/teardowns,
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