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We recently moved to
North Carolina!
We live in Fayetteville and service
Asheville, Raleigh, and Wilmington.

Our love for travel coupled with our specialization in intimate weddings, means that we can service all over the US, even world! 
Want to go somewhere not listed above? No problem! We would absolutely travel for you!


Upcoming Travel Schedule

Contact me TODAY if you want to set up a wedding or event AROUND these dates in the following areas for a DISCOUNTED package.

January 28 - February 4 - Thailand

February 19: Wilmington, North Carolina
May 6- Gatlinburg, Tennessee

June 10 Gatlinburg, Tennessee

July 23 - Buffalo, New York / Niagara Falls
Sept 16 - GreenBay, Wisconsin

Sept 23 - GreenBay, Wisconsin
Oct 6 - GreenBay, Wisconsin

Oct 21 - GreenBay, Wisconsin

Travel Bucket List

Places we are drooling over! If you take us with you to one of the following places, we are going to take your wedding above and beyond!

Almafi Coast, Italy

Santorini, greece


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New Land weddings was Inspired by My passion for adventure, Travel, capturing personalities in new parts of the globe, and unique wedding venues. Whether you wish to Intertwine in intimacy just the two of you somewhere scenic close to home, close to the heart, or travel to a destination afar, we can coordinate and capture, design and dominate this unique way to wed. 

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