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Britt New Land


Hey there!!  My name is Brittany Van Nuland. I have been in love with weddings for over a decade now. It started off with photography about 13 years ago however I soon fell for event design, decorating, and flowers!! It's safe to say, I am obsessed with weddings and letting out my inner creativity.

I recently got done designing my own wedding with the love of my life and middle school sweetheart, Chad. My own wedding journey has made me grow a deeper passion for designing weddings as I grow a personal connection with such an important day!


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How do we do it all ??

New Land Weddings is always a team effort. From bouquet making, to decor and event setup, there is many hands on deck! We are comprised of artists who love photography, planning, traveling, and events! When you hire New Land you are hiring a team. We can’t wait to make you apart of the team of creating your dream wedding day!


Britt's Wedding

As many recent brides, Covid threw our wedding plans around a few times since getting engaged August of 2020. We originally had our sites set on Italy, Almafi Coast, July 2021 for our big day. As you can see on my travel bucket list, I would absolutely adore an opportunity to design a wedding there! Our plans evolved into something even more memorable. A 5 mile hike up a western Colorado Mountain, sleeping under the stars, and saying out vows in the sunrise. We came back and celebrated with our closest friends and family at Cambium Barn, a barn venue we own! Never once did we think we were making way for unnecessary wedding traditions or pleasing someone else at the expense of our own wants. That is whats most important to me and us here at New Land Weddings. Your wedding should be uniquely you!

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