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Calligraphy Worksheets

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Here at Chris Company, we often use Calligraphy in many different ways to add a whole new dimension of stylization to our events and products. This way of writing can be used from the very beginning of an event for addressing the invitation envelopes to the signs at the end of the night used to remind guests to lay low on the tequila!

Calligraphy can be used as a hobby or even a lucrative side hustle! Use handwriting as a creative outlet on rainy day (or Corvid-19 quarantine day!) or by making signs around the house. Calligraphy can also be used as a means to make a money such as a wedding calligraphy artist or designing your own font and selling it! Whatever you decide to do with the worksheets and your newfound skills, enjoy!!

Above are 3 worksheets you can print off and use to practice your calligraphy writing. Click on the worksheet to open the PDF. To use, trace each letter on the sheet using the correct stroke direction (refer to tip #2). Print off multiple copies of each worksheet in order to keep practicing your letters! Once you feel confident enough, use combinations of letters to write words on a separate sheet.

The main tips I have for successful calligraphy is:

  1. Use a brush tipped marker/pen. Using a paint brush+paint or a regular Crayola marker is fine but you will see more dramatic results with a brush tipped medium.

  2. Hard, thick downstrokes // Light, thin upstrokes. This is how you create the different sized strokes that you see on each letter. Now are you seeing the importance of brush tips??

  3. Practice Up & Downstrokes. A letter is a combination of up+down strokes. Practice your thick down strokes by pressing hard with your brush tip. Then practice a couple lines of thin upstrokes by pressing lightly. Master your strokes before you build up to a letter.

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