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List of 2024 Popular Wedding Publications + submission tips! *For Photographers*

Updated: Jan 15

blonde bride with flower headband and colorful bouquet

Tips for submitting to wedding publications to get featured!

We surveyed a group of photographers that found success with wedding publications and these were their top tips to get featured on wedding blogs, magizines, and socials! We also curated a list of popular wedding publications that you can submit to today!

Highlight Unique Details

Wedding publications are always on the lookout for fresh, trendsetting, and inspiring content to captivate their readers and stand out in the crowded wedding industry. Wedding blogs love unique, creative, never-seen-before details. Showcase any distinctive elements from the wedding, such as decor, personal touches, dresses, venues, or themes.

Vertical Images It's no surprise that in this digital era, vertical images are favored or horizontal for social sharing!

Real Weddings

Many wedding blogs feature real weddings with a narrative and a variety of photos that tell a story. Some publications feature styled shoots but their seems to be priority over real events.

Complete wedding stories

Submitting a complete wedding day from start to end, from the hanging of the wedding drthat tells an entire story rather than single images can increase your chances of getting featured.

Become a member

Having a paying connection with a publication is a sure-bet to getting featured, especially if it's in the contract! If you have a membership, you are much more likely to have priority over getting featured!

blonde bride holding wildflower bouquet with flower headband with army husband


Some blogs ask if you have submitted to other publications or ask for exclusivity rights for a certain time period. Be selective with your images

You want to choose enough images that document the event in its entirety while also being selective with your photos to really showcase stand out imagery. You are much more likely to get featured if you submit a curated gallery of 30 images rather than simply giving them the wedding gallery link of 678 photos that the editor has to cull through!

List of wedding publications

Below is a list of wedding publication platforms along with direct links for submission and guidelines. Guidelines include: minimum and maximum number of images you can submit, If the publication lets you conveniently submit a gallery link or if you have to upload individual images, exclusivity agreements, etc. Please read through all the companies' requirements and guidelines (either on the submission link or under "more info") before submitting!!

Company / Brand

Submission / email / Website Link

Notes / Guidelines


-gallery link -100-150 images

-more info

Adventure Wedding

-gallery link

-short form to fill out

-in your local area only

-real wedding only

Green Wedding Shoes

-50-250 images

-gallery link

-60 days exclusivity

-more info

​100 Layer Cake


-75-150 images

-gallery link

-60 days exclusivity

-more info

Wedding Chicks

-40-60 images

-upload images individually

Dirty Boots and Messy Hair

-gallery link

-100-150 images

-would like exclusivity

Wedding Pro / The Knot + Wedding Wire

-Only accepts through

-50-150 images

-requires exclusivity

-more info

Martha Stewart Weddings


-gallery link

100-150 images

-Full exclusivity

-more info

Bridal Guide


-gallery link or zip file

-no limit or min images

-more info

blonde bride with army husband and beautiful lush floral arch

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