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Transporting Wedding Items and decor to your Destination Wedding

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

couple at their destination wedding in Wisconsin. Kohler Andrae State Park
Elopement at Kohler Andrae State Park, Wisconsin

Ah, destination weddings... Even though many couples still prefer traditional weddings, there is an ever-growing number of those who decide to tie the knot far away from home. Getting married at an exotic location can be the best thing you have ever experienced. Still, there are some things you will have to be even more careful about in comparison to the traditional reception hall wedding. We will help you by telling you more about how you should be transporting wedding decorations for a destination wedding. Most importantly.... your wedding dress! (and groom's attire) How do you get these on a plane and safely to your destination? As a recent bride myself that had the pleasure of eloping, The stress of bringing my dress on the plane was really getting to me. Thankfully, some folks recommended trying out the Wally Bag from Amazon. It worked terrific! I managed to pack my wedding dress, veil, my fiancé's attire, and a bunch of accessories into the pockets on the bag. My advice is to Never pack a wedding dress, a suit, and any of the wedding items in a suitcase for the checked-in luggage, and don't ship them to the destination. They should be with you at all times.

Be careful when choosing decorations for a destination wedding

Since you will be traveling to the place where your dreams of saying I DO in front of your friends and family will come true, you need to think smart when choosing the decorative items. They need to be light and durable to make it to the destination. Balloons might be the first choice, but there are many more options.

Fragile decorations?

Obviously, you shouldn't consider having fragile items since the chances are they will shatter while being shipped or transported by a plane. If you cannot imagine your wedding day without decor made of glass or some other breakable material, you can try some alternative ways. For instance, you can contact the person in charge of the venue and ask them if they can provide such items for you. Or, if you plan to buy decorations online, you can have them delivered to the venue directly. By doing so, you will avoid paying unnecessary taxes when you reach customs. The only risk you are taking is the possibility the shipment fails or that the items get delivered damaged.

custom wedding menu card for reception
wedding menu card

Paper decor

There are hundreds of decorative items made of paper that you can use for your destination wedding. Paper lanterns might be the most popular choice, and that is for a good reason. They are easy to fold, plus they weigh almost nothing. You can get them in pretty much any color and pattern. If they are your choice, you should pack them flat and make sure they do not get ripped by some other item in your suitcase. Apply the same rule if you are packing paper ribbons, pom poms, or flowers made of paper napkins.

Decorative items can easily be made of cardboard, which is also practical for packing and transporting. Cupcake stands, name cards, and thank you notes can be made of this material. Just like you would do when transporting paper decorations, you should lay those items flat in your suitcase and make sure that no sharp objects are around.

Decor made of plastic

Plastic vases or other decorations made of PVC are a much better option than glass. Even though they can be bulky sometimes, they are rather durable and can be packed inside your suitcase. Speaking of luggage, avoid using hard-case suitcases (especially those made of plastic) for this purpose. They tend to break when thrown around at the airport, so models made of strong fabric are more flexible. Now, to get back to our decorations. Plastic vases can be filled with some smaller items to save space and then wrapped in clothes. When you pack them like that, you can be sure that they will endure the trip to your dream wedding.

Decorations made of fabric

Fabric items are also easy to pack and, even though they do weigh a bit more than paper, they are still one of the practical options for your destination wedding. Some of the decorative items made of fabric include lanterns, buntings, panels that can be used in multiple ways (table cloths, wall decor, etc.). You can transport all of them with ease in your checked-in luggage.

Macrame on copper arch on beach for an elopement
Easy to ship macramé.

Edible items

Even though lovely little bags of candies prepared as gifts for the guests can be a nice touch, they are not so practical for a destination wedding. That is, they are not so practical to transport from your home to the venue. Perhaps, locally bought candies, dried fruits, and nuts are a better option. Why would you risk unpacking your luggage and finding your cookies smashed or candies melted due to the temperatures that can go high in the luggage compartment on a plane? Plus, your guests will probably like to try something new and exotic.

Now that we have mentioned local candies and specialties - have you thought of using some local decorations? For instance, palm leaves are something that you probably do not have in your hometown, but you can find them all over the place at the destination you are having your wedding.

Vacuum seal storage bags are your best friends when packing and transporting stuff for a destination wedding

In case you have never used vacuum seal bags, this is the perfect opportunity to try them. You can never have too much room in your suitcase for your stuff, especially if you are getting ready for the wedding. When you vacuum-seal your clothes or other items made of fabric inside, you will get more of a much-needed room in your luggage.

The trick with vacuum-sealing bags is the one you should remember for future reference when the time comes for your relocation. When you decide to move to your new home, you should choose only the best helpers for the task. Professional moving services include packing, but you can save a lot by packing by yourself if you are relocating on a budget. These bags will save you a lot of space.

hat, shoes, and pampass grass bouquet in the sand on the beach for an elopement
Don't baggage claim anything imperative to your wedding: dress or accessories!

Important tips for transporting your wedding decorations

Here are some extra tips for you:

  • If you are not planning on bringing too much stuff from your wedding, you can use an old suitcase to pack decorations for the wedding and then leave it behind to avoid unnecessary luggage fees.

  • Ask your guests to pack some of your decorations inside their luggage. The chances that you will have a negative experience in customs are significantly lower that way, and you might not have to pay for an extra bag to fit all your stuff.

Transporting wedding decorations for a destination wedding can be a piece of cake if you plan it in advance and have friends to help you out. The best tip we can give you is to list all the important items you should bring. Good luck with your destination wedding!

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