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Popup Dinner with Wisconsin history

Updated: Mar 17

A Pop-Up Dinner in a school house from 1887. Black Creek, Wisconsin.

Pop-up dinner in black creek Wisconsin
Pop-up dinner in Black Creek Wisconsin

In life, we often find ourselves falling in to the routine of daily habits. How often have we sat down at the end of the week and decided to go to the same restaurant for date night, click a movie we’ve seen four times on Netflix because we know it’s a safe choice, or perhaps seek out the same nightlife routine because the rest of the crowd is doing the same.

The greatest way we can grow is seeking new experiences leading us away from our normal activities into a new, exciting, and influential environment.

Our passion behind Chris Company "Pop-Up Dinners" is driven by this concept. The ability to “get off the grid” of the typical weekend routine and be apart of an experience. Open your eyes to amazing historical buildings, breathtaking landscapes, try new food from local chefs, drink from popular breweries and wineries, and lastly, meet like minded people that turn into friends.

5 course menu for Pop-Up Dinner written on the school's half board.
Menu for Pop-Up Dinner

It’s 1887, and you are off to school. There are no busses to pick you up, no uber to get you there quicker, not a cell phone in sight to distract from the world around you. The only way to pass the time is to enjoy your surroundings and have a conversation with the kids you pass by along the route to class. A freshly finished hardwood floor creeks and bends as fellow students run inside a one-room school house. You hop in single wooden desk, ready to learn what the teacher is writing on the chalk board. Old books sit on the corner shelf ready to be cracked open, and the teacher rings the bell to begin. As the school year continues you just happen to find the love of your life a few desks over, and from grade school on, you live happily together just up the road.

On April 6, This story was shared to us from an individual who spent the past decade restoring this very school house in memory of his classmates, love of the school, and of his late wife. Center Valley School House. He was a guest at the pop-up dinner along with many others that shared a connection to the school house and others that wanted to create one.

30 people took a seat at our handcrafted farmhouse tables where everyone had an opportunity to meet and connect. Cliff View Catering prepared a delicious, farm to table 5 course meal where the focus lies in their quality of food and expertise provided to the customer. We paired a delicious wine from Captains Walk Winery with each course where you discovered true flavor. There was a representative from the winery that joined us for the dinner who gave educational insight for the parings. And of course, since we’re in a school house, there must be trivia! Questions were asked about the schoolhouse history, wine parings, and the dinner itself! The prize to the winning team was their personalized "Pop-Up Dinner" wine glass. But in the end, we all won, being in an environment of amazing people and newly found camaraderie. So, everyone took home their complimentary Chris Company “Pop – Up Dinner” wine glasses.

We invite you to become part of our family, to gather off the grid of the “norm” and discover a new experience with amazing people. Keep an eye out for our future dinners on social media, local fliers, and recommendations to our next adventure! There is no limit to our imagination for location, food, and entertainment.

If you would like to partner up for a pop-up dinner, please fill out the contact form.

Join us for story and an experience and end the night with a larger family.

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Carol Woldt-Geise
Carol Woldt-Geise
17 apr 2019

Nicely the pictures !

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