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How to have a BNB intimate wedding

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Intimate backyard wedding

BNB REQUIREMENTS Start by making a list of requirements that you need for your bnb. I send my clients a questionnaire that includes things such as how many people are eating/attending, how many people are staying, location preference, what type of scenery do you want around the bnb (Mountains, oceanfront, lakeside, etc), amenities (balcony, patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, ect.), and what type of budget are they working with. There are so many options when it comes to BNBs therefore you need to start by narrowing down your search or you will quickly become overwhelmed.

SEARCH + SAVING Once you have a really good understanding of what you are looking for in your BNB wedding Venue, start your search by using relevant filters for your requirements and amenities. ON VRBO you can add the "events allowed" filter to your search. BUT just because they don't show up in the search results for events, doesn't mean having your wedding there is completely off the table. Utilize the saving/favorites features on both sites! Start saving every BNB that fits your requirements. Go back to your list to slim it down to your perfect venue!

ASK FOR PERMISSION Always ask for permission because even if you are under the amount of people allowed to stay, there are certain legalities to being able to host a wedding, no matter how small. For

backyard wedding

example in Michigan, I have found great success asking for permission but not so much luck with the California coast as they have strict home owners association rules. Be completely transparent with your host about how many people with be there. Remember to think about your vendors like hair and makeup, photographer, private chef, etc. There may be hefty fines involved if you break any rules, have more people than what you stated, or don't ask for permission. Some BNBs will charge extra fees once you say the word "wedding." USE YOUR RESOURCES I always look for existing items in/around the property that I can utilize for the intimate wedding. Some properties might have enough table space and chairs for your guests therefore mitigates the need to bring these rentals in. Maybe there is a large tree in the yard you can dress up and use for an alter.

AIRBNBS IN THE US THAT ALLOW INTIMATE WEDDINGS I have already asked these host for permission for you! Keep in mind, rules/regulations are constantly changing, especially during Covid. Therefore, still reach out to the host for permission!


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