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30 Legitimate Reasons to elope

Updated: Mar 17

Without throwing too much shade on the obvious reasons why one is against having a big wedding, here are 30 legitimate reasons why it's a great idea to have an elopement wedding!

  1. Better opportunity for wedding photos. When your wedding photos are a priority, it might be a good idea to plan your wedding around photo opportunity.

  2. Don’t have to hurt people by not including them in your wedding party.

  3. Save money in numerous ways from a traditional, larger wedding.

  4. Your parents don’t have to contribute money therefore avoiding an uncomfortable conversation.

  5. You can still have a big celebration afterwards with a wedding reception at home.

  6. Dodge the awkward situations about not inviting people to your ceremony or reception.

  7. Don’t have to worry about ceremony/reception decorations.

  8. The day can be perfectly planned or spontaneous, no schedule to follow!

  9. An average elopement cost around $6200 where as an average wedding cost $33,000!

  10. Stationary, wedding invites, stamps, save the dates… don’t have to do it!!

  11. You can have your dream wedding ceremony in 5,10,20 years with a vow renewal

  12. Get married in a way that is totally unique & unorthodox! Be different!

  13. You can go big on things that really matters to you, the dress, floral, traveling, instead of having to budget for all other aspects of the day... like napkins.

  14. Don’t have to worry about impressing people or competing with other weddings. Yours will be so different, there's no competition!

  15. It will be a huge surprise to friends and family.

  16. You get to to travel.

  17. Don’t have to deal with stage fright during a wedding ceremony or reception. Who wants to public speak on the "best day of their life?"

  18. The whole day will be about you two & you two only.

  19. Without the numerous vendors and guest, there's a lot less chance for error and things to go wrong. You can spend the day entirely together with no interruptions.

  20. Most likely be able to afford both a photographer and videography. No hard decisions!

  21. Don’t have to meet with wedding vendors.

  22. Get married around your life, do it whenever you want!

  23. If you have bad weather, you can wait it out, the day is yours!

  24. You can still have close friends or family there by your side.

  25. You don’t have to adhere to the things that your budget contributors want.

  26. Trends fade.. More time to take photos of the bride and groom is what really matters, instead of the cake table.

  27. You don’t have to ugly cry in-front of an audience.

  28. Instead of using your time to plan a wedding, use your time to plan what really matters, your life together.

  29. Get married fast & quickly.

  30. Be able to say “We got married in (insert bomb location here)!!”

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